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Sukooon's Mission

Our mission at Sukooon is to identifyyour problems, concerns, worries, and experiences, to learn from them, andconnect with you. We use the term family here because you are more than just acustomer to us, we see you as a part of our community. Through our journey, wedon’t want to just provide you with essential oils, but also provide you with asense of community. We are here to give you support, hope, and love, not onlythrough our products but through our vision and dream as well.

Founder's Vision

" I had always been interested in exploring alternative healing methods and techniques, because Medicines directly interact with our vital organs that can be hazardous. This passion for Organic, chemical free and convenient/easy to use product is why I wanted to build Sukooon. My goal is to raise awareness regarding natural remedies to treat symptomatic indication i.e., migraine, joints pain, sciatica, depression, anxiety, sleeping disorder, stomach issues, cervical pains and menstrual cramps. I started sukooon on the foundation of honesty, integrity and provision of user friendly products. These are the principles that I use to make every decision at Sukooon. "

I wanted to provide you with trustworthy products, products that I would feel comfortable using with my own children and family. We view you as an extension of our family! I always tell my team and customers that I want to build more than just a company. I want to promote healthier community through natural ways to get relief form sewar and chronic symptomatic pains. My mission is to change life who are suffering from pain and discomfort in their daily life routines through Sukooon wellness organic products.

Our Commitments

We commit to strict quality control standards as part of our dedication to health, reliability, and efficiency. With regard to all relevant rules and regulations, we ensure compliance requirements. Our essential oils and carriers oil range is tested from PCSIR. All ingredients are halal & imported. We're committed to delivering thehighest quality essential oils. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that ourproducts are always pure and potent.

Our Promisses

We use the latest testingtechnique of quality, world renowned chemists, aromatherapists, and experttechnicians to bring you premium essential oils.
We procure our essential oilswhere nature intended to preserve the plants' natural therapeutic properties.
Essential oils are pure plant extracts taken from flowers, grasses, fruits, roots and leaves. To receive the benefits, we suggest applying them topically fortargeted relief or diffusing them for aromatherapy purposes.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We put our customers first. This isbacked by our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Sourcing through vetted suppliers

We have direct buying relationships with the most trusted suppliers in the industry. Each of our suppliers are required to meet stringent product quality guidelines before we consider buying from them.


We guarantee that our essential oils contain no adulterants by conducting external product testing. Our external testing process is verified through an independent, third-party lab and isscrutinized by our in-house chemist. After the oil is tested, our chemist runs extensive internal analysis to assure quality with organoleptic, and various other tests.

Finishing Process

Each essential oil is carefully bottled into protective UV bottles by trained professionals using state-of-the-art equipment. Bottles are securely sealed, labeled side and top and prepared to ship to customers.

Tha Sampling Process

We test hundreds of samples to find the best essential oils available. These samples are tested by over very qualified scientific labs to check for purity before we purchase essential oils from our suppliers. If the sample contains any adulterants, contaminants, diluents or synthetics, it is rejected. If a sample passes the GC/MS test, we place a bulk order from the same batch that constituted the approved sample.

Still More Testing & Re-testing

Once the bulk order arrives, we send a sample from it to our third-party lab for another round of testing to ensure we received the same essential oil that we sampled and purchased. We do this to ensure that the essential oil you receive is the same 100% pure and natural oil we purchased from our suppliers.

Complete Quality Control

We do multiple spot checks tomake sure our products meet the highest quality standards as part of ouroverall Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Our outside testing process is watched closely by our in-house chemist, as is our in-house bottling process for maximum quality assurance.
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