Can Anxiety Cause Nerve Pain?

Yes, anxiety is one of the indirect factors which might also cause some nerve pains or contribute to the appearance of those pain conditions. Which the patients might already be suffering from. The brain perception of pain deeming it to be intense when an individual is suffering from anxiety symptoms. But it is due to the functioning of the stress response system in the body. This is one example where this increased sensory sensitivity can create a greater perception of nerve pain or make the nerve pain that is already existent be more painful. As a result, chronic stress and anxiety frequently play the role of an add-on to inflammatory responses in the body. Which rises the risk of exacerbating nerve pain conditions.

The enticement of accommodating a person who suffers from nerve pain rests in the zeal of coping with both the physical and psychological aspects of the condition and endeavoring to install strategies that relate to stress management and anxiety.


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