What Are The Symptoms Of Nerve Pain?

Your nerve pain is not same with the private pain you take when it is just aching. It's a distinct experience often described with words like:

Shooting: Sudden pains that hit in a few seconds and then disappear abruptly, almost like a brief electric shock. It is one of the common symptoms of nerve pain

Stabbing: Throbbing sharp pains that conspire with the heart to snatch breath from you.

Burning: A feeling that is always present, like being in a furnace room and sometimes very painful.

Tingling: An unpleasant sensation on the skin with its prickly or pins-and-needles sensation. This prickly sensation.

Numbness: Weakness or loss of feeling in the body part/s involved.

   Beyond these, nerve pain can also cause:

Increased sensitivity to touch: To be honest, tickling also is a nuisance when the senses are so sensitive.

Weakness: The problem is physical because the use of muscle in the affected area is difficult.

The symptoms you can get vary on the location and type of nerve pain . Praising another instance, sciatica pain often heads down the leg, and diabetic neuropathy often causes feet numbness.

If you have any of the symptoms of nerve pain, you should definitely see doctor. Your doctor can not only determine the reason for your nerve pain but also offer pertinent treatment alternatives like essential oils which is an topical treatment.


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